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Book of the Bench

The Book of the Bench
39 plates, hard back book.
First Edition Vellum Copy 1909

Salcombe aquatint by William Daniell

Salcombe, Devon
William Daniell
May 20th 1825

Osrcar Wild Vanity Fait print for sale

Oscar Wilde

May 24th 1884
£345.00 Scarce

Ernest Shackleton

Lieutenant Ernest Shackleton

"South Pole"

£345.00 Scarce

Vanity Fair print of Twennisplayer - Doherty

Mr. H.L. Doherty
Thrice Champion
Sept 1st 1904

Duke of Wellington Vanity Fair print for sale

His Grace the Duke of Wellington
Dec. 11th 1912

Ralph Inge Clergy

The Very Rev. William Ralph Inge D.D.
"The Genial Dean"
Jan. 31st 1912

Cyllene Race Horse Vanity Fair

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Gladstone
Spy for The World
26th April 1910

Dean Swift

Dean Swift
Percy Earl
Sept. 29th 1909

Oswald Stoll Theatre caricature for sale

Oswald Stoll
"The Coliseum"
Oct. 8th 1913

Sir Stanley Owen Buckmaster

Gordon Selfridge
"Self -"
Alick P. F. Ritchie
6th Dec. 1911

D. P. Driscoll - Soldier caricature

Lieut.-Col D. P. Driscoll DSO
"An Old War Horse"
*Signed by the subject
Ape Jnr
Feb 15th 1911

Herbert Twinings Tea vanity Fair print for sale

Herbert Twinings - Tea
Feb. 17th 1910

Henry Irving Quasimodo

Guy Owen - Auctioneer
"Tea and Rubber"
June. 22nd 1910

 Marshall Stephens

Marshall Stephens
"Manchester Ship Canal"

Sept. 14th 1910

Forbes-Robertson Theatre caricature

Mr. Forbes-Robertson - Theatre
Alick P. F. Ritchie
June 4th 1913

Prince Arthur of Connaght

H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught
"Prince Arthur"
Oct. 15th 1913

Montague Johnstone

Col. Montague Johnstone
Wallace Hester
July 7th 1913

Earl of Plymouth Crystal Palace

Earl of Plymouth
Crystal Palace
Dec. 31st 1913

Lord Ellenborough Navy

Lord Ellenborough
"nautical freshness"
Aug. 23rd 1911

Montagu Pyke Cinema caricature

Montagu Pyke - Cinema
May 17th 1911

Canon Edgar Sheppard

Rev. Canon Edgar Sheppard
"the Sub-Dean"
Ape Jnr
April 12th 1911

Headmaster of Winchester caricature

Hubert Murray Burge

July 2nd 1903

Major-General Sir Archibald Hunter 1899

Major-General Sir Archibald Hunter
"our youngest General"
April 27th 1899


Colonel Francis William Rhodes
"Soldier and Correspondent"
June 8th 1899

Captain Alfred Dreyfus

Captain Alfred Dreyfus
"at Rennes"
FB Guth
Sept. 7th 1899

Joseph Wood - Harrow

Rev. Joseph Wood
Sept. 21st 1899

Oxford Vice Chancellor caricature

Rev. Thomas Fowler - Vice Chancellor of Oxford
Nov. 2nd 1899

Lionel Ford - Harrow master

Rev. Lionel Ford
"New Harrow"

May 1st 1912

Herbert Hensley Henson Clergy

Rev. Herbert Hensley Henson
"St. Margaret's"
April 24th 1912

Joseph Wood - Harrow

Major General The Lord Cheyesmore
"Arms and Sport"
July 17th 1912

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