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Admiral James Lord Gambier by Bartolozzi

James Gambier by Bartolozzi

Gaetano Bartolozzi , James Lord Gambier, Admiral of the Blue, from an original Picture by Sir William Beechey R.A. in his own possession. Drawn by W. Evans, Engraved by G. Bartolozzi. Stipple print, Published Feb 12th 1810 by T. Cadell and W. Davies. Strand, London.

Admiral of the Fleet James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier GCB (13 October 1756 – 19 April 1833) was an admiral of the Royal Navy, who served as Governor of Newfoundland, and as a Lord of the Admiralty. He gained public distinction for his part in the Glorious First of June in 1794, but later became known for the notoriety gained for his inaction at the Battle of the Basque Roads.

Gambier was born in New Providence, The Bahamas, the second son of John Gambier, the Lieutenant Governor. His mother, Deborah Stiles was Bermudian, and he remained the patron of an extended, but impoverished, Bermudian family throughout his adult life. Gambier was a nephew of Vice-Admiral James Gambier and of Admiral Sir Charles Middleton, Lord Barham. He was the uncle of the novelist Lady Chatterton.

He entered the Navy in 1767 as a midshipman on board the HMS Yarmouth, commanded by his uncle, which was serving as a guardship in the Medway, and followed him to server on board the 60-gun HMS Salisbury in 1769 where he served on the North American Station. He transferred to the 50-gun HMS Chatham under Rear Admiral Parry, in 1772, in the Leeward Islands. Gambier was placed on HMS Spy sloop, and he was posted to England to serve on the 74-gun, third-rate HMS Royal Oak, a guardship at Spithead. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant on 12 February 1777, where he served in a successively in the Shark sloop, the 24-gun frigate HMS Hind, then HMS Sultan under Vice-Admiral Lord Shuldham in 1777, and in HMS Ardent under his uncle's flag. Lord Howe promoted Lieutenant Gambier to Master & Commander on 9 March 1778, commanding the bomb ship HMS Thunder, which was promptly dismasted and surrendered to the French. He was taken prisoner for a short period and when he was exchanged he was made a Post Captain on 9 October 1778, at the age of 22, and appointed to the 32-gun frigate HMS Raleigh. He served under his father and under Vice-Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot. In 1780 he was appointed commander of HMS Endymion, cruising in British waters.

In 1783, at the end of the American War of Independence, he was placed on half-pay, and married in July 1788.[2] In February 1793 following the declaration of war with France, Captain Gambier was appointed to command the 74-gun HMS Defence under Lord Howe. As captain of the Defence Gambier saw action at the battle of the Glorious First of June in 1794, gaining the distinction of being the first ship to break through the enemy line. He subsequently received the Naval Gold Medal and was appointed Colonel of Marines (a sinecure involving no duties, but excellent pay).

Condition: Good imprint, slight loss to right hand side, minor fox marks.

Title: James Lord Gambier
Medium: Stipple print Image Size: 200 x 280mm, 8 x 11 "
Order No. 7349 Price: £55.00 Paper Size: 200 x 280mm, 8 x 11 "
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Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi (1757–1821)
was an Italian engraver, art dealer, and merchant. He was the a son of the famous engraver Francesco Bartolozzi, a friend of Joseph Haydn, the husband of the outstanding pianist Theresa Jansen, and the father of the celebrated actress and theatre manager Lucia Elizabeth Vestris.

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18th century stipple print of Admiral James Gambier by Bartolozzi

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