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Antique Sport Prints - Cricket, Rugby, Golf and Rowing

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Now Available ... The Complete Set of Vanity Fair Cricketers

All 32 cricketers in their whites including, Dillon, Grace, Hobbs, Ranji, Bosanquet, Hawke etc.
This unique opportunity to purchase a complete collection, £ POA email now

Dillon - Vanity Fair Original W. G Grace Phillipson cricketer Bosanquet


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Bare Knuckle Boxing Print - John Bowles after Hemskerk - The Bruising Match - mezzotint circa 1760, 350 x 260mm - £275.00 framed. Boxing - Bare Knukle Fight - Antique print circa 1760
Cricket - Edward Wentworth Dillon, 1913, OWL, £2495.00 Dillon - by Spy
Cricket, 'Hampshire ', Capt. Edward Wynyard, 1898, CG, Chromolithograph, £140.00 Cricket Print - Vanity Fair - Hampshire
Cricket, 'The Lobster', Digby Jephson , 1902, Spy, Chromolithograph, £85.00 Jephson - The Lobster
Cricket, Vanity Fair Spy print, " Ranji ", Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji by Spy, dated 1897, 330 x 200mm, £195.00 Ranji by Spy
Cricket - Robert Abel, Bobbie, 1902, Vanity Fair print by SPY, 1902, £75.00 Spy Cricket Print - Robert Abel - Bobby
Cricket, 'A Flannelled Fighter', Stanley Jackson , 1902, Spy, Chromolithograph, SOLD Flannelled Fighter - Stanley Jackson
Cricket, ' I Zingari ' , John Loraine Baldwin, 1895, Spy, Chromolithograph, £30.00 Cricket - Spy Print
Cricket, ' W. W. ', Walter William Read, Surrey CCC, 1888, LIB, Chromolithograph, £145.00 Cricketer Print Vanity Fair
Cricket, 'A Big Hitter ', Andrew Ernest Stoddart, 1892, Jehu Junior, Chromolithograph, £155.00 Cricketr by Spy - A Big Hitter
Cricket, 'Cricket', W. G. Grace, 1877, Spy, Chromolithograph, £395.00 W. G. Grace Original Vanity Fair Print
Cricket, Vanity Fair Spy print, " A Century Maker", K. L. Hutchings by Spy, dated 1907, 330 x 200mm, £135.00 Spy print - Hutchings Cricketer
Cricket,''SAMMY' By 'STUFF', Aug. 8th 1892 Mr. Samuel Moses James Woods, Chromolithograph, £120.00 Original Vanity Fair Print - Cricketer - Sammy
Golf - John Henry Taylor, 1906, Vanity Fair print by SPY, £295.00 Vanity Fair Golf Print by Spy - Golf Memorabilia
Golf, 'Jimmy', James Braid, 1907, Spy, Photo Litho, £295.00 Vanity Fair Golf Print - Jimmy by SPY
Golf Cartoon from Harper's Weekly, '...He swung against it the crook handle of his old cotton umbrella' , A.S. Keller circa 1890, 193 x 216mm, £29.95 Antique Golf cartoon
Golf Punch Cartoon, Golfing Tableaux Past and Present, a Game for Two, 260 x 180mm, Frank Reynolds, dated 1927, £29.95 Vintage Golf print
Golf Punch Cartoon, Punch Almanck for 1946, dated Oct 29th 1945, Ionicus, 260 x 180mm, £29.95 Golf Cartoon
Golf Punch Cartoon, The Man to Give you a Game, 260 x 190mm, J. Bateman, dated October 6th 1920, £29.95 Original Golf print from Punch
Jockey, Horse Racing, "Charlie Wood", 1886 by LIB, £90.00 Vanity Fair original caricature prit of a Jockey - Charlie Wood
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Frank Wotton', 1909 , Spy, Photolithograph, £75.00 Frank Wotton Jockey - original Vanity Fair print by Spy
Horse Racing, DeanSwift, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Original Vanity Fair print - Horse Racing - Dean Swift
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Mr. Abington', G. A. Baird, 1888, Spy, Chromolithograph, £90.00 Jockey - Horse Racing
Rowing - 'Havvy', Reginald De Havilland, Oxford University,1901, Spy £45.00 Rowing caricature Vanity Fair - De Havilland
Rugby Union - Mr. G. Rowland Hill, 1890, Spy, £40.00 Rugby Union
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Horse Racing, Minoru, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, SOLD Horse raciing - Race horse prints from Vanity Fair
Golfing Punch Cartoon, Golfing Tableaux Past and Present, a Hopeless Case, Frank Reynolds, dated 1927, 260 x 180mm, SOLD Old Golf Print
Golf - Punch Cartoon - Mr. Punch's Golf Advertisements, T.H. Townsend, 246 x 180mm, SOLD Original Golf Cartoon from Punch
Golf Punch Cartoon, 'If players dressed the part according to their ability to play - Things would look different.' , G. Stomapa, 260 x 190, dated April 3rd 1929, SOLD Punch Golf Cartoon
Golf - Punch Cartoon - The Holiday Swing , Frank Reynolds, 246 x 180mm, SOLD Golf - Punch Cartoon
Golf - Punch Cartoon - My Lady's Putt , Frank Reynolds, 246 x 180mm, SOLD Ladies Golf - Punch Cartoon
Golf Punch Cartoon, 'Lummy! Fancy Bein' operated on by 'Im', 260 x 190mm, Frank Reynolds, dated May 30th 1928, SOLD Punch Golfing Cartoon
Cricket - W. G. Grace, Dr. William Grace Bowling at the Crystal Palace, Lascelles, 1901, 175 x 240mm, Photolitho print, SOLD W. G. Grace original antique print


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