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Max Beerbohm Caricatures

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Max Beerbohm caricatures from Vanity Fair, The Spectator and Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet.

Sir Henry Maximilian "Max" Beerbohm (London 24 August 1872 – 20 May 1956 Rapallo) was an English essayist, parodist, and caricaturist.

In the 1890s, while a student at Oxford University, Beerbohm showed great skill at observant figure sketching. His usual style of single-figure caricatures on formalised groupings, drawn in pen or pencil with delicately applied watercolour tinting, was established by 1896 and flourished until about 1930. In contrast to the heavier artistic style of the Punch tradition, he showed a lightness of touch and simplicity of line. Beerbohm's career as a professional caricaturist began when he was twenty: in 1892 the Strand Magazine published thirty-six of his drawings of 'Club Types'. Their publication dealt, Beerbohm said, "a great, an almost mortal blow to my modesty".

The first public exhibition of his caricatures was as part of a group show at the Fine Art Society in 1896; his first one-man show at the Carfax Gallery in 1901. He was influenced by French cartoonists such as "Sem" (fr:Georges Goursat) and "Caran d'Ache" (Emmanuel Poir). Beerbohm was hailed by The Times in 1913 as "the greatest of English comic artists", by Bernard Berenson as "the English Goya", and by Edmund Wilson as "the greatest... portrayer of personalities – in the history of art".

His collections of caricatures included Caricatures of Twenty-five Gentlemen (1896), The Poets' Corner (1904), Fifty Caricatures (1913) and Rossetti and His Circle (1922). His caricatures were published widely in the fashionable magazines of the time, and his works were exhibited regularly in London at the Carfax Gallery (1901–08) and Leicester Galleries (1911–57).

Many of Beerbohm's later caricatures were of himself.[5] Major collections of Beerbohm's caricatures are to be found in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; the Tate collection; the Victoria and Albert Museum; Charterhouse School; the Clark Library, University of California; and the Lilly Library, University of Indiana; depositories of both caricatures and archival material include Merton College, Oxford; the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin; the Robert H. Taylor collection, Princeton University Library; the Houghton Library, Harvard University; and the privately owned Mark Samuels Lasner collection.

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Max Beerbohm, Vanity Fair, Dec 9th 1897, Max, by Sic, £60.00 Max Beerbohm
The Rev. P. B. Clayton, The Spectator 1931, £60.00 Clayton
John Mansfield, The Spectator 1931, £60.00 Mansfield
J. L. Garvin, The Spectator 1931, £60.00 Garvin
Rev. Dean Inge, The Spectator 1931, £60.00 Inge
Arthur Wing Pinero and George Bernard Shaw , Vanity Fair, Feb 1st 1906, Though it is... , £45.00 Pinero and Shaw
W. J Galloway, Vanity Fair, Jan 11th 1906, He is very Affluent, £40.00 Galloway
A.W Mason, Vanity Fair, June 6th 1908, Four Feathers, £45.00 Mason
Maurice Maeterlinck, Vanity Fair, July 22nd 1908, A Belgian Poet, £45.00 Maeterlinck
John Singer Sargent RA, 24th Feb 1909, Vanity Fair, A Realist, £85.00 Singer Sargent
Marquess de Soveral, Vanity Fair, 2nd Oct 1907, Unlike Wilkes..., £45.00 Soveral

George Alexander, Vanity Fair, Jan 20th 1909, St James's, £45.00

George Alexander
George Bernard Shaw, Vanity Fair, December 28th 1905, Magnetic........ . Sepia toned cartoon, £45.00. George Bernard Shaw
Noel Coward, Heroes and Heroines 1931, £75.00 Noel Coward
Charles Cochran, Heroes and Heroines 1931, £45.00 Cochran
Miss Ivy St. Helin, Heroes and Heroines 1931, as Manon, £45.00 Helin
Mr. Metaxa, Heroes and Heroines 1931, as Carl Linden, £45.00 Metaxa
Miss Peggy Wood, Heroes and Heroines 1931, as Sarah Millick, £45.00 Wood

Early 20th century caricatures for sale by Max Beerbohm

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