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Vanity Fair - Cricket

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Vanity Fair was published weekly between November 1868 and January 1914. Each week a different caricature accompanied with biographical notes formed a focal point of the magazine.

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Complete set of Vanity Fair Sy Cricket prints framed for sale

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Edward Wentworth Dillon, 1913, OWL, The most rare of all the Vanity Fair cricket prints, £2495.00 Dillon - by Spy
Mr. Jack Berry Hobbs, 'A Tested Centurion', by WH, 7th August 1912, £495.00 Jack Hobbs Cricket print for sale
Mr. Jack Berry Hobbs, 'A Tested Centurion', WH Wallace Hester, 7th August 1912, £455.00 Jack Hobbs - Vanity Fair Cricket print
Mr. Jack Berry Hobbs, 'A Tested Centurion', by WH, 7th August 1912, £425.00 Jack Hobbs Cricketer
'Cricket', W. G. Grace, 1877, Spy, Chromolithograph, £375.00 W G Grace
Lord Hawke, " Yorkshire Cricket ", Sept 24th 1894, Spy, £200.00 Lord Hawke
John Richard Mason, 'Mr. J. R. Mason' by Sir Leslie Ward ("Spy") for The World (not Vanity Fair), May 3rd 1910, 32.5cm x 21cm, scarce, £175.00 Mason Cricket
Robert Abel, Bobbie, 1902, Vanity Fair print by SPY, 1902, £75.00 Spy Cricket Print - Robert Abel - Bobby
'A Big Hitter ', Andrew Ernest Stoddart, 1892, Jehu Junior, Chromolithograph, £155.00 Cricketr by Spy - A Big Hitter
'Hampshire ', Capt. Edward Wynyard, 1898, CG, Chromolithograph, £190.00 Cricket Print - Vanity Fair - Hampshire
'The Lobster', Digby Jephson , 1902, Spy, Chromolithograph, £85.00 Lobster
Vanity Fair Spy print, " A Century Maker", K. L. Hutchings by Spy, dated 1907, 330 x 200mm, £138.00 Spy print - Hutchings Cricketer
Spy print, " Ranji ", Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji by Spy, dated 1897, 330 x 200mm, £215.00 Ranji by Spy
''SAMMY' By 'STUFF', Aug. 8th 1892 Mr. Samuel Moses James Woods, Chromolithograph, £135.00 Original Vanity Fair Print - Cricketer - Sammy
C.M Wells, " Father ", July 10th 1907, Spy, £120.00 Wells
Lord Harris , Kent, 1881, Vanity Fair print by SPY, £190.00 Lord Harris Kent County Cricketer by Spy
Oxford Cricket, Hylton Philipson, 1889, Spy, £165.00 Vanity Fair print by Spy - Oxford Cricket
Reggie, R.H. Spooner , 1906, Spy, £200.00 Spy Pint - Cricket - Reggie - Spooner
" An Artful Bowler ", B.J.T. Bosanquet, by Spy, dated 1897, 330 x 200mm, £145.00 An Artful Bowler
' W. W. ', Walter William Read, Surrey CCC, 1888, LIB, Chromolithograph, £155.00 Cricketer Print Vanity Fair
'A Flannelled Fighter', Stanley Jackson , 1902, Spy, Chromolithograph, £170.00 Flannelled Fighter - Stanley Jackson
'Charlie', Colin Blythe, 1910, Jehu Junior, Photo Litho, £100.00 Cricket - Charlie
'Plum', Pelham F. Warner, 1903, Spy, Chromolithograph, £110.00 Plum - Vanity Fair Cricket
'The Demon Bowler', Frederick William Spofforth, 1878, Spy, Chromolithograph, £255.00 Demon Bowler by Spy
Vanity Fair Spy print, " Cricketing Christianity ", Rev. F. H. Gillingham, by Spy, dated 1906, 330 x 200mm, £125.00 Vanity Fair original cricket print - Gillingham
'Forty-six centuries in eleven years', J. T. Tyldesley - Lancashire County Cricketer, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, £150.00 Vanity Fair Lancashire Cricketer
Hon. Alfred Lyttleton , " English Cricket ", Dated Sept 20th 1884, Ape, £185.00 Lyttleton
George John Bonner Dated Sept 13th 1884, Ape " Australian Cricket ", £185.00 Bonner
Thomas Hayward, " Tom". 11th July 1906 by Spy, £210.00 Hayward
Gilbert Jessop, "The Croucher" Spy, 25th July 1901, £135.00 Jessop
Lionel Charles Hamilton Palairet, "Repton Oxford & Somerset", 6th Aug 1903, Spy, £135.00 Palairet
Neilsen Hornby, "Monkey", 15th Aug 1891, STUFF, £95.00 Neilsen Hornby
Lord Dalmeny, " In His Father's Steps" 22nd Sept 1904, £150.00 Lord Dalmeny
George Hirst, “Yorkshire”, August 20th 1903, Spy, £150.00 Hirst
Charles Burgess Fry, 'Oxford Athletics', 1894, £195.00 C B Fry Cricketer
'A Celebrated Oarsman', George D. Rowe, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, £155.00 Rowe - Rowing print
' I Zingari ' , John Loraine Baldwin, 1895, Spy, Chromolithograph, £30.00 Cricket - Spy Print
' Ivo ', The Earl of Darnley, April 7th 1904, Chromolithograph, cricket interest, Currently out of stock, call 01548 830872 for availability Darnley
Viscount Cobham, Cricket, Railways and Agriculture, Spy, May 5th 1904 Viscount Cobham cricket vanity fair print for sale

All the Vanity Fair Cricketers

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