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Vanity Fair Jockey and Horse Racing Prints

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JOCKEYS: Now Available ... The complete set of Vanity Fair Jockeys

All 33 jockeys in their racing colours including, Cannon, Wotton, Baird, Wood etc.

This unique opportunity to purchase a complete collection, £ POA email now

Click on the picture or link to view a larger image:

Jockey, Horse Racing, "Charlie Wood", 1886 by LIB, £95.00 Vanity Fair original caricature prit of a Jockey - Charlie Wood
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Frank Wotton', 1909 , Spy, Photolithograph, £75.00 Frank Wotton Jockey - original Vanity Fair print by Spy
'Mr. Abington', G. A. Baird, 1888, Spy, Chromolithograph, £90.00 Jockey - Horse Racing
Count Strickland, Malta, chromolithograph by HAY dated 1893, £120.00 Count Stickland - Jockey Vanity Fair

'Rick', Fred Rickaby, 1901, Spy, Chromolithograph, £75.00


Fred Rickaby

'Top of the List', William Higgs, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, £85.00


H. Mornington Cannon, Oct 24th 1891, Morny, £85.00 Cannon Jockey
Tom Cannon, Sept 12th 1885, Tom Cannon, £220.00 Tom Cannon
Fred Barrett 1st Jun 1889 LIB - Libero Prospero, £110.00 Fred Barret
James Woodburn, June 21st 1890, James Woodburn by SPY, £85.00 James Woodburn
George Fordham, Sept 2nd 1882, The Demon, £75.00 Fordham
Fred Archer, May 28th 1881, The Favourite Jockey, £250.00 Archer
Mr J.H. Martin June 5th 1907, Skeets, £90.00 Martin
George Barrett, Sept 3rd 1887, George Barrett by LIB, £85.00 George Barrett
Lester Reiff, Aug 30th 1900, Lester, £85.00 Reiff
William Griggs, Nov 28th 1906, He Rides for Lord Durham, £65.00 Griggs
Arthur Templeman, Nov 7th 1906, A Rising Star, £85.00 Templeman
Johnny Reiff, Aug 23rd 1900, Johnny, £95.00 Johnny Reiff
Tod Sloan, May 25th 1899, An American Jockey, £165.00 Tod Sloan
Danny Maher, Sept 10th 1903, Danny, £95.00 Danny Maher
Mr. Arthur Coventry, Feb 23rd 1884, The Baby, £110.00 Coventry
Otto Madden, July 26th 1900, Otto Madden, £85.00 Otto Madden
Bernard Dillon,Sept 12th 1906, Bernard, £85.00 Bernard Dillon
Captain Wentworth William Hope Johnstone, March 25th 1897, Wenty, £110.00 Johnstone
Fred Webb, Aug 10th 1889, Fred Webb, £95.00 Webb
Herbert Jones, Sept 29th 1904, A King's Jockey, £175.00 Herbert Jones
John Osborne, Dec 10th 1887, Johnny, £85.00 John Osborne
J.E Watts, Oct 1st 1903, J. E Watts, £95.00 Watts
Sam Loates, Nov 5th 1896, Sam Loates, £85.00 Sam Loates
Mr. George Thursby, 18 December 1907, Mr. George, £85.00 George Thursby
Johnny Watts, June 25th 1887, Johnny Watts, £105.00 Johnny Watts
Tom Loates Oct 4th 1890, Tom Loates, £95.00 Tom Loates
World Supplement Print of Herbert Randall, March 15th 1910, £105.00 Randall
Jockey, Capt Edward Rodney Owen, Nov 28th 1891, " Roddy " by Spy, £50.00 Roddy - Vanity Fair Jockey
William Crawfurd-Stirling-Stuart, June 23rd 1904, " The Hatter " by SPY, £35.00 Stuart - Horse racing jockey
The Winning Post, Dec 8th 1888, The Winning Post by LIB, £195.00 The Winning Post
Newmarket 1885, Nov 30th 1885, Newmarket 1885 by LIB, £195.00 Newmarket
Newmarket, Dec 6th 1887, Tattersall’s 1887, by LIB , £195.00 Tattersalls Newmarket
Horse Racing, Minoru, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Minorou Horse raciing - Race horse prints from Vanity Fair
Horse Racing, Dean Swift, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Original Vanity Fair print - Horse Racing - Dean Swift
Bayardo, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Bayardo
Flying Fox , by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Flying Fox
Rocksand, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Rocksand
Horse Racing , " Starting", Lord Marcus Beresford by Spy, dated 1890, 330 x 200mm, £45.00 Horse Racing - Vanity Fair
World Journal Supplement Print of Arthur Coventry , March 15th 1910, by SPY, £70.00 Athur Coventry - Starter
Mr. W. Hall Walker, June 21st 1906, A Lucky Owner, by Spy, £40.00

Vanity Fair original Prints for sale - Horse Racing and Jockeys

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