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Vanity Fair - Judges - Lawyers - Barristers - Solicitors

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Legal subject prints including red-robed Judges, Barristers, Lawyers and Solicitors.

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At Rennes, Nov. 23rd 1899, by Guth, double page, scarce, £150.00 At Rennes Vanity Fair
Lord Alverstone, Jan 15th 1913, Lord Chief Justice, by WH, £595.00 Lord Alverstone
Sir Frederick Pollock, April 2nd 1870, A Souvenir, by AT'n, £145.00 Sir Frederick Pollock
Sir William Grantham, March 15th 1890, Mr Justice Grantham, by SPY, SOLD Grantham
Justice Darling, 8th May 1907, Judicial Light Weight, by SPY. £385.00
Justice Darling
The Hon. Sir Archibald Leven Smith Nov 3rd 1888, 3rd Commissioner, £175.00

Leven Smith
The Rt. Hon. Sir Fitz Roy Edward Kelly, Nov 4th 1871, The Lord Chief Baron, £125.00
Judge Kelly
Mr. Justice A.T. Lawrence Oct 16th 1907 by SPY, Lorry, £145.00
Sir Charles Edward Pollock , Date 9th Aug 1890, One of the Family by QUIZ, £175.00
Sir Charles Edward Pollock
Sir Forest Fulton The Recorder of London, July 9th 1903, The Recorder by SPY, £135.00
The Hon. Sir Frederick North , 29th Oct 1887, Gentle Manners, by SPY, £150.00
Born c.1812 in Liverpool Lancs. Educated Winchester and Oxford.
Heads of Law, 27th Nov 1902, Group of Judges, by Spy, £90.00 Heads of Law
Bench and Bar, 5th December 1891 by STUFF - Wright, Henry Charles Seppings, £220.00 Bench and Bar
John Eldon Bankes KC, 'Good Works', 1906 by Spy, £35.00 Bankes Lawyer Solicitor Legal
Lawyer, Legal, Sir Thomas Erskine, Vanity Fair print by Ape, "Parliamentary Practice " , 1871, £55.00
Parliamentary jurist and historian.
Lawyer - Vanity Fair Caricature
Legal - Barrister - JP, 'Hutchy', C. C. Hutchinson KC, 1911, Ape Junior, Photo Litho, £55.00 Vanity Fair Barrister - Legal - Law
Legal - Lawyer - EDGCUMBE Sir Edward Robert Pearce LLD DL JP. By Spy. 'Small freeholds'. 1908 - £35.00 Educated King's College Cambridge. Lawyer. Artist. Banking. Company chairman. Mayor of Dorchester in 1891. £35.00 Sir Robert Edgecumbe - Lawyer - Mayor of Dorchester - Vanity Fair print by Spy
Barrister, " York ", Frank Lockwood QC MP, by Spy, dated 1887, 330 x 200mm, £75.00 Barrister
Barrister, Vanity Fair print by Atn, Sir Robert P. Collier, "Sir John Coleridge serves under him", 1870, £55.00 Collier
Barrister, Sergeant Ballantine, 1870, £55.00 Barrister - Legal print
Legal - Lawyer - A Coachman, Earl of Macclesfield, dated 1881, by Spy. £45.00 Macclesfield Lawyer
Barrister, " Justice to Dreyfuss ", Henri Brisson by 'Guth', dated 1898, 330 x 200mm, £75.00 Barrister caricature - Vanity Fair

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Legal prints by SPY, Ape and other Vanity Fair artists

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