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Rt. Hon. Charles Scott Dickson - Caricature from 'The World' Scottish Judge

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Original World Spy Print for sale - charles-scott-dickson

World Supplement Print of Rt. Hon. Charles Scott Dickson

The World - Edmund Hodgson Yates (3 July 1831 – 20 May 1894) a British novelist and dramatist and was bast known as the editor of the London society journal, The World, briefly illustrated by Spy and other Vanity Fair artists. Born in Edinburgh to the actor and theatre manager Frederick Henry Yates and held an appointment for a period in the General Post Office as an adult. He worked as a journalist, mainly as a dramatic writer, and also wrote many dramatic pieces and some novels, including Running the Gauntlet and The Black Sheep.

He was a friend of Charles Dickens, and in the 1850s, Yates lived at No. 43 Doughty Street, London, close to Dickens's former home at No. 48, which is now the Charles Dickens Museum.

The World: a Journal for Men and Women.’ - Yates was editor-in-chief. Freed from the disgraceful personalities which had disfigured such predecessors as the ‘Age’ and the ‘Satirist,’ the ‘Queen's Messenger,’ the ‘Owl’ and ‘Echoes of the Clubs,’ the ‘World,’ after profitably encountering some not very serious legal opposition, was an established success within six months of its inception. Murray, who persisted in regarding the journal as an agency for the conduct of private vendettas, was bought out in December 1874 and the ‘World’ became the sole property of its manager, Edmund Yates. A distinctive feature of the new weekly was the frequent use of the first person singular in its columns.