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Antique Hunting Prints

19th century hunting prints and Vanity Fair Caricatures.

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Hunting, Vanity Fair print by Spy, "Mr. Hargreaves" , 1887, £50.00 Hunting - Vanity Fair print by Spy - Hargreaves
'Berks and Bucks', Sir Robert Rodney Wilmot, 1903, 'A', chromolithograph, £55.00 Robert Wilmot
'Long Burns', Captain Tommy Burns-Hartopp, 1900, Cuthbert Bradley, chromolithograph, £60.00 Burns - Master of the Quorn Hunt
Reginald Corbet, Dec 12th 1906, To the Manner Born, £60.00 Corbet
Edgar Lubbock, Jan 4th 1906, The Master of Blankney, £55.00 Lubbock
George Charles Fitzwilliam, March 1st 1906, Billy, £60.00 Fitzwilliam
Otho Paget, Jan 30th 1902, Otho, £60.00 Paget
Lord Willoughby De Broke,Nov 23rd 1905, An MFH With a Sense of Humor, £60.00 Lord Willoughby de Broke
Capt. William George Middleton, June 30th 1883, Bay, £60.00 Capt Middleton
Thomas Nickalls, Nov 21st 1885, Tom, £75.00 Nickalls
John Hargreaves, March 30th 1899, Cattistock, £60.00 Hargreaves
M.Fenwick-Bissett, Dec 3rd 1881, The General, £60.00 Fenwick-Bissett
Albert Brassey, March 15th 1906, The Master Of Heythorp, £60.00 Brassey
Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey, Nov 7th 1885, Bucks, £60.00 Bateson-Harvey
Mr William Henry Grenfell. 20th Dec 1890, 'Taplow Court'. By Spy, £60.00 Grenfell

Thomas Colleton Garth, Oct 29th 1896, A Very Old Master, by Spy, £60.00


PORTMAN Viscount. Nov 3rd 1898, 'An old Master', by Spy, £60.00

Viscount Portman
Viscount Galway, Jan 5th 1899, Serlby, £60.00 Viscount Galway
Thomas Merthy Guest M.F.H., Nov 11th 1897, Blackmore Vale, £70.00 Guest
Mr. Arthur James, May 26th 1904, A Hard Rider, £70.00 Arthur James
The Lord Annaly, Nov 27th 1912, The Lord Annaly, £70.00 Lord Annaly
John Coupland, July 12th 1884, The Quorn, £60.00 Coupland Quorn Hunt
Thomas Firr, 1st Nov 1884, The Huntsman, SPY, £70.00 Thomas Firr
Captain Arthur Smith, Dec 6th 1884, Doggie, £60.00 Capt Smith
'A Very Old Master, Thomas C. Garth, 1896, Spy, chromolithograph, SOLD Thomas Garth
The World Supplement print of Charles F. P. Mc. Neill M.F.C. , Nov 20th 1910, £60.00
World Journal Supplement Print of Justice Grantham , July 12th 1910, £60.00 Justice Grantham
Kirby Gate, Nov 28th 1901, Kirby Gate, 120.00 Kirby Gate
A Fox-Hunting Constellation, Dec 7th 1905, A Fox-Hunting Constellation, £120.00 Foxhunting Constellation
A Master's Meet, 28th Nov 1895, Lord Lonsdale. Lord Portman. Henry Verney. Capt. Park Yates. Thomas Garth, by Spy, £55.00 A Masters Meet
Gerald Lascelles, Sept 23rd 1897,The New Forest , by SPY, £50.00 Falconry

Antique Hunting Prints

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