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Vanity Fair Spy Prints - Miscellaneous

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CRICKET: Now Available ... The Complete Set of Vanity Fair Cricketers

All 32 cricketers in their whites including, Dillon, Grace, Hobbs, Ranji, Bosanquet, Hawke etc.
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Dillon - Vanity Fair Original W. G Grace Phillipson

The Cricketers of Vanity Fair Book

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JOCKEYS: Now Available ... The complete set of Vanity Fair Jockeys

All 33 jockeys in their racing colours including, Cannon, Wotton, Baird, Wood etc.
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Jockeys of Vanity Fair Book

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Strickland Jockey - Horse Racing Frank Wotton Jockey - original Vanity Fair print by Spy

Horse Racing and Jockey Caricatures

Also available: Original Horse Racing and Jockey caricatures from the 1920's by 'Tout', Peter Buchanan.
Many horse racing owners including the Aga Khan and Jockeys view here

Horse Racing and Jockey Caricature by TOUT


Caricature prints by Spy, Stuff and Ape

Sizes approximately 13.5 x 8", 342 x 203mm. Unframed chromolithograph prints unless otherwise stated.
These are original antique prints we do not sell reproductions. See the Vanity Fair artists biographies here

Click on the picture or link to view a larger image:

Americans, Gordon Selfridge, Dec 6th 1911, Self, £160.00 Gordon Selfridge
Artist, Carlo Pellegrini, Vanity Fair print by AJM, "Ape " , 1889, £70.00 Carlo Pellegrini caricature
Artist, " A Connoisseur", John Seymour Lucas R.A. by 'N', dated 1899, 330 x 200mm, £38.00 Vanity Fair print - ArtistJohn Seymour Lucas
Artist, " Fairford Abbey", Edwin Austin Abbey R.A. by Spy, dated 1896, 330 x 200mm, £35.00 Fairford Abbey- Spy portriat of an artist
Artist, Scupltor, Auguste Rodin, 'He thinks in Marble', 29th Dec 1904, by Imp, £55.00 Rodin
Athletics - W. Fitzgherbert, 'Fitz', by Spy 1896, £45.00 Fitz Athletics
Atheltics - Montague Sherman, 'A.A.A.', by wag 1895, £30.00 AAA Athletics
Athletics - Mr. Walter Goodall George, 'Champion of Champions', by APE 1884, £40.00 Goodall - Track and Field
Athletics - Mr. Gilbert Jordan, O.U.A.C., SPY 1897, £40.00 Jordan Athletics
Automobiles, Cars - The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot, July 30th 1903, Born 1860. Educated at Eton. 'Cab's' by SPY, £75.00 Shrewsbury
Automobiles, Cars - The Comte De Dion , 'Automobiles', Oct 12th 1899, by GUTH, £75.00 Motor Tricycle caricature
Aviation, 'the Deutsch Prize', Alberto Santos Dumont, 1901, Geo. Hum, £65.00 Santos Dumont
Aviation, Ballooning, Mr. Frank Hodges Butler, Dec 11th 1907, The Air, by Spy, £65.00 Butler Ballonist
Curling, Dr H.S Lunn, Oct 6th 1909 The Caption Reads, King of Clubs by ELF, £70.00 Curling caricature
Cycling - Fashion in Hyde Park, July 11th 1896, Cycling in Hyde Park, £115.00 Cycling in Hyde Park
Cycling - Fashion in Boulonge, June 3rd 1897, Au Bois de Boulogne, £115.00 Cycling Boulonge
Dog Judge, Rev Cecil Legard, July 11th 1901, A Judge, by CB, £55.00 Dog Judge Legard
The Earl of Plymouth, 'Good Works', by Spy 1906, £25.00 Earl of Plymouth
Robert Falcon Scott, The South Pole, Vanity Fair 1913 by Hester, £145.00 Robert Falcon Scott - South Pole

Explorer - The World Supplement Print of Capt Robert Falcon Scott. RN, March 1st 1910, by Spy, £60.00

Scott of the Antarctic
Explorer, Arctic, "Franz Josef Land", Frederick George Jackson by Spy, dated 1897, 330 x 200mm, £40.00 Polar Explorer
Football, Lord Kinnaird, Sept 11th 1912, Soccer, by WH, £60.00 Lord Kinnaird - Football
In Vanity Fair, Nov 29th 1890, various characters featured in previous Vanity Fair issues, £115.00 In Vanity Fair
Music - Richard D'Oyly Carte, 'Royal English Opera', 1891, Spy, POA very scarce. Richard D'Oyly Carte Vanity Fair Print by Spy
Photography, Charles Sydney Goldmann, Jan 28th 1904 , A Self-Made African, by Spy, £65.00 Goldman Photographer
Police Inspector E Denning, Aug 16th 1884, " Parliamentary Police " by Ape, £45.00 Denning policeman
Professor Ray Lankester. Spy. January 12, 1905. "His religion is the worship of all sorts of winged and finny freaks." £50.00 professor lankester
Scientist, "Argon", Lord Rayleigh D.C.L. F.R.S. by FTD, dated 1899, 330 x 200mm, £45.00 Vanity Fair Scientist caricature
Sherlock Holmes, Mr William Gillette. Born Hartford. USA. Actor. Educated at both Yale and Harvard. Stage debut in New Orleans 1875. Was also an author. 27th Feb 1907. Sherlock Holmes
Snooker Billiards , " He might be Champion if there were a championship ", H.W Stevenson and " The Champion of 1885″John Roberts Jr by Spy, dated 1905, 330 x 200mm each, £195.00. Very scarce double page print. Vanity Fair Print - Billiards and Snooker
Teacher, Robinson Ellis, Vanity Fair print by Spy, "Latin Literature " , 1894, £55.00 Teacher caricature by Spy
Yachting, At Cowes , Dec 6th 1894, At Cowes, £115.00 Sailing at Cowes
Yachting, The Duke of Leeds, Aug 1st 1906, Vice-Commodore, by Spy, £55.00 Lord Leeds
King Edward VII as a Yachtsman, Arthur Garratt, May 11th 1910, from The Graphic, very scarce. £100.00 King Edward VII caricature
Yachting, Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton Sept 19th1901, Shamrock, by Spy, £55.00 Lord Lipton


Original Vanity Fair Prints by SPY, APE and others.

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