Vanity Fair

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Suggestions for Antique Framed Prints

Prices include, frame, glass, backboard, fixings and mount and FREE delivery to the UK mainland 3-5 days (frame stocks permitting).
Alternative frames and formats available on request.

Glass - Prices shown are for standard glass, Artglass™ is also available, this reduces reflection by 98% and reduces UV by 70%, please ask for a price. Fantastic for prints and maps, details easily viewed without reflection, colours vibrant and crisp. Adds £28.00 to the price of framing.

Delivery outside of the UK mainland - Choose the appropriate destination in the shopping cart and we will email an estimate.
Alternativey, us and we will send an estimate in advance of your purchace.

Ultra clear conservation glass for antique prints

The example prices are for single Vanity Fair print sizes, other print framing prices will vary,
please contact us for specific prices - 01548 830872

Antique print framing 1

Ref: Frame F1 - Antique style gilt
22mm wide


Vanity Fair print framing 2

Ref: Frame F2 - Antique style gilt
22mm wide


Framing 3

Ref: Frame F3 - Black and gilt
21mm wide


Antique print framing 4

Ref: Frame F4 - Black and gilt.
22mm wide


Framing 5

Ref: Frame F5 - Dark bronze/brown with pale gilt sight line
22m wide


Framing 9

Ref: Frame F9 - Antique style gilt
£72.00 Out of stock until mid October


Framing for Vanity Fair prints 10

Ref: Frame F10 - Walnut colour and antique style gilt
28mm wide


Spy print framed 11

Ref: Frame F11 - Black and gilt
22mm wide


Framing 12

Ref: Frame F12 - Walnut colour and gilt
21mm wide


Framing 13

Ref: Frame F13 - Antique style gilt
38mm wide


Framing 14

Ref: Frame F14 - Black and gilt
36mm wide


Framing 17

Ref: Frame F17 - Black
21mm wide


Framing 18

Ref: Frame F18 - Walnut colour and gilt
36mm wide


Framing 19

Ref: Frame F19 - Black and antique gilt
25mm wide


Antique and Vintage Framed Prints