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Portraits and Genre Prints

Antique Prortrait prints from the 17th to the 19th century. See also Vanity Fair Prints or Spy Prints for caricatures.
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Clean Bowled by Tom Merry print for sale

Clean Bowled
'Randy, (LOQ) How's that Umpire? W.E.G. (Umpire) Not Out!'
Tom Merry
May 14th 1887

Lord Oxford New Statesman print

Lord Oxford
New Statesman
Sir David Low
Feb 16th 1926

Widecombe Fair print for sale

Widecombe Fair
Uncle Tom Cobleigh an' All

F. Richards

Le Blond prints for sale - Regal Set

Abraham and Robert Le Blond
The Regal Set

Baxter type oil print
c. 1850 - 1851

Albert Einstein caricature print for sale

Albert Einstein
'Professor Einstein
The New Statesman and Nation

Sir David Low

Caricature  by William Nicholson - George V

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales
(George V)
Twelve Portraits

William Nicholson
£85.00 scarce

Kaiser Wilhelm antique caricature

Kaiser Wilhem II
'The Kaiser' from Black and White Magazine
William Nicholson
£145.00 scarce

19th century caricature lithographs for sale

Set of 8 minature lithographs
Queen Victoria, Gladstone, Disraeli etc.

Jean-Faustin Betbeder

£200.00 scarce

Vintage Caricature of Einstein by Low

David Lloyd George
'The Man at the Engine from the Start'
Louis Raemaekers

Winston Churchil New Statesman print for sale

Winston Churchill
New Statesman
Sir David Low
May 1st 1926

Portriats and Figurative antique prints