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Lester Pigott - Original Caricature by Trist

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Lester Pigott - Original Caricature by Trist for sale

Original caricature of Lester Pigott by Trist

Geoff Tristram (Trist) has been a cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator for over 20 years. His clients include Embassy World Snooker, Pirelli, Tarmac, the BBC and Goodyear, to name but a few. Geoff recently illustrated the "They Think It's All Over" annual, a spin-off of the cult TV show. He also works as a caricaturist at dinners and exhibitions all over the world. As a 'serious' painter, Geoff has been responsible for some very high profile work. He painted Charles & Diana for a Royal wedding stamp issue, and was recently commissioned to paint the World Snooker Champion.

Caricaturist TRIST, alias Geoff Tristram, has been drawing at corporate events for over twenty-five years, and drawn upwards of fifty-thousand people during that time! “My picture was INCREDIBLE!” said Jonathan Ross. Ian Botham was bowled over by his. “He’s the best in the business!” said Bob Monkhouse. But Geoff doesn’t only draw celebrities. Thousands of people have been memorably captured with highly finished cartoons in around seven minutes. gala dinners, hospitality events, product launches, conferences, weddings, charity events. Trist’s caricatures have taken him all over the world - America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Switzerland!