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London to Croydon Railway Antique Lithograph - E. Duncan 1838

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View of the London and Croydon Railway 1838

Antique Railways Print - View of the London and Croydon Railway 1838

Edward Duncan (1803-1882) lived and worked in London and was a watercolourist of landscapes, aquatint engraver and lithographer of marine, sporting and topographical views after his contemporaries. He was apprenticed to R. Havell I, from which he learnt to engrave. From circa 1825 he began to aquatint marine subjects after W. J. Huggins, whose daughter, Bertha, he married. From 1828 he also engraved sporting subjects particularly after J. Ferneley and C. Hancock. In the 1840's he gave up engraving to concentrate on his watercolour painting.