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Antique Engraving - Windsor Castle St Georges Chapel - Wenceslaus Hollar

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Windsor Castle St Georges  Chapel engraving by Hollar for sale

Windsor Castle St Georges Chapel engraving by Hollar

Wenceslaus Hollar (23 July 1607 – 25 March 1677)
An engraver, etcher and artist of the 17th century, who spent much of his life in England. Hollar was one of the best and most prolific artists of his time. His work includes some 400 drawings and 3000 etchings. Hollar produced a variety of works. His plates number some 2740, and include views, portraits, ships, religious subjects, heraldic subjects, landscapes, and still life in many different forms He is known to German speakers as Wenzel Hollar; and to Czech speakers as Václav Hollar. He is particularly noted for his engravings and etchings. He was born in Prague, died in London, and was buried at St Margaret's Church, Westminster In 1652 he began working for the publisher John Ogilby and the antiquarian Sir William Dugdale. Over the next twenty-five years he etched no fewer than 566 plates for them.

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